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Explore the stunning suroundings of Khao Lak in Phang Nga. Elephant Riding/Trekking in Lamru National Park. Enjoy the local jungle on the back of these fantastic animals.



Elephant Trekking (half day). Chang Thai or ‘Elephant’ is the national animal of Thailand because it is deeply embedded in Thai history and customs. For centuries, it has been a central figure in the daily lives of the Thai people as a means of labour and transportation, both in times of peace and in battles.

This excursion is for all ages. Visitors are carried on the back of the elephant, led by the mahout (elephant handler), through green tropical forest and rubber plantations. When the trek is over, you may feed the elephants by hand. Next, refresh at a nearby waterfall, the “Sai Roong“.

Finally, enjoy a traditional Thai meal in authentic natural surroundings.

What to bring:
Swin wear, towel, insect repellent & sun protection
Itinerary Includes:
Elephant trek, Snacks, waterfall & lunch
09:00 Pick-up from hotel • 14:30 Arrival back at hotel
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GREEN ANDAMAN TRAVEL would like to introduce you to some of the beautiful and fascinating mixtures of culture, nature and adventures that Thailand has to offer. We are pleased to help you plan your holiday excursions, whether it be a jungle adventure, a snorkelling trip, a glimpse into daily Thai life, a temple tour or a cultural history tour of Takuapa. James Bond Island is also a popular destination that well deserves a visit!

GREEN ANDAMAN TRAVEL specializes in land and sea tours. Our fishing trips and Khao Sok tours are GREEN ANDAMAN TRAVEL’s special areas of expertise. We have one of the best fishing experts in the area, and the most sought-after Khao Sok guide. Both are passionate about what they do and will show you a great day out!

Thank you for choosing GREEN ANDAMAN TRAVEL. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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